Founded in 1990 the Chair of Regional Studies and Tourism is the first Ukrainian department for education and training in tourism. Moreover it keeps pioneer role by developing the academic political geography, global and regional studies.

The Chair carries out education and training of Bachelors, Masters and PhDs in two spheres:

24 – Services: specialty Tourism, and

106 – Geography: specialty Political Geography and Geopolitics.

 The teaching staff of the department includes four professors (DScs - Geographers), nine associate professors (Ph.D. - Geographers), and one assistant (Ph.D. – Geographer) providing basic and professional disciplines under the author's programs. The members of the department issued have published over 20 tutorials and textbooks on tourism studies, geography and regional studies, and political geography.

The Chair includes a training laboratory for geographic information and tourism.


  1. The Chair educates and trains Bachelors of tourism specialized in "International Tourism" and “Organization of Tourism Business” based on full-time programs (three years and nine months) and by correspondence (four years and nine months). Public scholarships are available as well as paid tuition (contractual). Persons having a prior qualification of a junior specialist are admitted for the second year of Bachelor program enrollment.

In the framework of Bachelor program, students master the fundamentals of the tourism management and obtain a qualification of the sight-seeing guide. In addition to lecturing the department pays considerable attention to traineeships. Students practice field research methods during the first year (tourism-area studies traineeship held in historical destinations of  Kaniv and Taras Hill), active forms of tourism during the traineeship held in "Black Tysa" camp in the Carpathians during the second year. Guiding skills are mastered during lectures and classes as well as the excursions traineeship in Kyiv downtown (within the framework of an agreement with the Kyiv municipality). The third year students have traineeship with the leading tour operators of Kyiv and Ukraine, travel companies and hotels in Turkey and Bulgaria. The Chair has long-lasting cooperation with leading Ukrainian tour operators - Coral Travel, TPG – Turkish companies (for instance, TEZ-tour, etc). Students have jobs opportunity with the partner and other companies in the course of training and education. Bachelor-graduates are mostly employed in tourism industry of Ukraine.

 Master degree in Tourism (242). The “International Tourism” programme (taught in Ukrainian) is of education and scientific level (1 year and nine months, full-time) and the other – “Organization of resorts and wellness” (in Russian and in English) - of education and vocational level (one year and four months, full time and by correspondence). The Chair has experience of Double Master Degree with the University of Macerata (Italy) in Design and Management of Tourism Systems (two sets of graduators – the programme temporarily is suspended). The programme (one year and nine months) in Eno-Gastronomic Recreation and Tourism and Wine Export together with University of Camerino (Italy) was introduced this year. The Double Degree Master programmes foresee lectures and classes at both universities under agreed curricular, traineeship in Italy and thesis defense on both specialties. 

Postgraduate – Ph.D. in Tourism. The Chair has a license to educate and train Ph.D. in Tourism (three years and nine months, full-time) with public scholarship

 Economic and Social Geography, specialty Regional Studies, Political - Geographic and International Studies.

The Chair educates and trains Bachelors (three years and nine months, full-time) having the disciplines of both general geographic and specialized (author’s programs) domains. Students have an opportunity to practice methods of filed geographic information collection and research during the first and second years, traineeships with the entities – centers for political research (Ukraine, Kyiv in particular, Georgia, etc.) – and public authorities having agreements with the Chair. The solid education and training allow graduators good jobs and possibility to enter further educational progrmmes in various fields.

 Master degree in Political Geography and Geopolitics (educational and scientific program for one year and nine months, full-time, in Ukrainian, some disciplines in English) includes disciplines, and traineeships specialized in political geography, regional and global studies based on study of Human Geography, Political Geography and Geopolitcs fundamentals and Geoglobalistics, Geography of Informational Society, Geospatial Governance, Geoconflictology, Geospatial Dimensions of Global Problems, Current Problems of Sustainable Development, Strategic Geography, in particular, The specialties, among other disciplines, focus on Political and Geographical Analysis of Regions and Poles of Power, Geospatial Analysis in Political Geography, Political and Geographic Aspects of Electoral Engineering (Political Geography), and Strategic Geography, International Logistics, Regional Geography of Development (Global and Regional Studies). Graduators have further job opportunities with the Chair’s partners and other institutions and entities related to geopolitical analytics and consulting.

 Master Degree in Geoglobalistics and Regional Studies (educational and scientific program for one year and nine months, full-timeб in English). Based on study of the Evolution of Geographical Inquiry and Spatial Analysis in the Postmodern Era, and Geoglobalistics students further master their knowledge and skills in fundamentals of Academic Research, Professional and Corporate Ethics, Pedagogics and Psychology of High Education, Current issues of Global and Regional Studies, Sustainable Development and Glocalization, get specialized courses in Geospatial Governance, Imaginary Geography and Place Branding, Geography of Inequality and Geoconflictology, Geospatial Transformations of the World System. Further specialization on Geography of Global Transformation foresees learning of Geography of Global Transformations (Social and Demographic, Informational, Environmental, etc.), while Regional Studies and Global Processes envisages familiarization with Global and Regional Environment for Development, Spatial Dimensions of Power in the Global World, Regional Studies of Geopolitical, Geoeconomic Transformations,etc. Traineeship and further jobs opportunities expect graduators' capacity to access positions in public, international, research, analytic and consulting institutions, agencies and entities, NGOs.

 Postgraduate - Ph.D. in Geography. Political Geography and Geopolitics (106) program admits persons, who have the degree of specialist and master in geography, for three years and nine months of full-time and by correspondence education and training based on public scholarships.