Economic-geographical training of students and the development of relevant researches in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv are traditional and have a long history.
Over the past decade, the Department of Economic and Social Geography was basic to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, here was internship for Heads of Departments Economic Geography from universities and institutes of Ukraine, were completed and were defended dissertations etc.
Under the direction of Head of the Department was developed Concept of geographic education in Ukraine, new curricula and educational programs for training bachelors, masters and specialists. On the Department is created specialization training of specialists in field of the development of productive forces and regional economy. The lecturers of the Department developed the following courses: "Geography of Cities in Ukraine", "Socio-Geographical Forecasting", "Geography of Labor", "Business Planning", "Marketing Geography", "Management of Development of Region", "Problems of Regional Economy", "Regional Policy", "Regional Policy of Sustainable Development","Management of the Placing Productive Forces and Regional Economy","Basics of Geopolitics","Information Management", "Management of Regional Development", "Regional Economics", "Electoral Geography".
In 2000 at the initiative of Head of Department (Yaroslav Oliynyk) at the Department was established a scientific-research laboratory, in consisting of 10 persons, for the study regional problems of economy and policy.
The staff of the Department in recent years are involved in organizing and holding International scientific conferences.
The Department, since 1966, has published scientific collection - originally titled "Economic Geography" and then "Economic and Social Geography".
The Department last 20-25 years has close ties with related Departments of Ukraine, the Institute of Geography of NAS of Ukraine and some other countries (USA, Japan, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia).
With the participation of the Department was established a Specialized Scientific Council with the right to consideration and protection of dissertations for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Geographical Sciences on specialties: economic and social geography, constructive geography and rational use of natural resources, geographical cartography and history of geography.
The staff of the Department repeatedly was marked by diplomas and signs.