The Department of Geography of Ukraine at the Faculty of Geography in Kiev University was established in 1995.
One of the actual scientific directions, that are developed by lecturers and scientists of the department, is constructive-geographical problems of urbanization and recreational nature management in Ukraine, and the problems of standartization secondary and higher geographical education in Ukraine and a number of others.
Major professional disciplines that are taught at the department: Physical Geography of Ukraine, Geographical Basis of Rational Nature Management, Excursion Study with Bases of Organization Excursions, Sporty-Health Tourism with Bases of Physical Recreation, Methods of Recreational-Geographical Research, Countries Study and Recreational Destinations of the World, Recreational Geography with Bases of Recreational Landscape Study, Geography of Tourism, Geo-recreational phenomena in Ukraine and world, Transport Systems in Tourism with Bases of Travel Organization, Attractivity of Geographical Environment, International Cooperation in the Field of Geography of Recreation and Tourism, Constructive-geographical Bases of Rational Nature Management, Ecotourism, Tourismology, Geoecological Bases of Sustainable Development, Landscape Regions of Ukraine, Tourist Regions of Ukraine, Risks in Tourism, Strategy of Tourism Development in Ukraine, Innovation in Geography of Recreation and Tourism.
The department actively supports international contacts with foreign educational and scientific institutions and organizations. Participates in the International Geographical Union (Switzerland, Germany, Seoul, Tunisia), cooperates with the geographical departments of universities: the USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Belarus and others. We have intensive scientific and educational ties with universities in Italy. With the active participation of lecturers of the department is carried out the activities of international center of geographical and cultural researches of Italy "ITALAMO", where lecturers and students of the department, together with Italian scientists solve the problems of improvement and development of higher education in the field of geography and tourism, have scientific and educational training with profound learning Italian language, research the problems of development national tourism in Italy and Ukraine and others.