Department of Hydrology and Hydro-Ecology at the Faculty of Geography in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was founded in 1949. Since its founding the Department has changed a title several times: during 1949-1976 it was Department of Hydrology of land; 1976-2002 - Department of Hydrology and Hydro-Chemistry; from 2002 for today - Department of Hydrology and Hydro-Ecology. Currently, the Department provides training bachelors and masters specialty 103 "Earth Sciences" through the educational program "Hydrology". It include the following courses: "Fundamentals of hydrology", "Basics of hydrochemistry", "Hydrometry", "Hydrological forecasts", "Riverbed processes", and etc.

Students have training-practices at Boguslawska hydrological station in Kyiv region (Ross River). The production practice the students have in Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, Institute of Hydrobiology of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine.

The admission of students on a first course is 10 people. Department is headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Valentyn Khilchevskyi. The staff consists of 8 tutors: 3 Professors, 3 Associate Professors; 2 Assistants.

In the Department there is a research sector of hydroecology and hydrochemistry, where is working 6 researchers. As present, the scientific theme, related to study of hydropower potential of Ukrainian rivers is performed. The Department has research projects, related to the implementation of the provisions of the European Union Water Framework Directive into the Ukraine water management practice (Professors - Valentyn Khilchevskyi, Alexander Obodovskyi, Vasil Grebin’).

From 2002, the Department issues scientific research collection, entitled Hidrolohiiа, hidrokhimiiа i hidroekolohiiа  Hydrology, hydrochemistry and hydroecology)    
Scientists of the Department cooperate with specialists in hydrology from Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and Belarus.