Forming scientific and educational direction of meteorology and climatology at the University of Kiev has very deep historical roots. Teaching meteorology began almost since inception of University (1834), and has a long tradition and glorious names that included not only in the history of the University, but also in the history of Ukrainian and Russian science.
Department of Meteorology and Climatology, continuing the best traditions of Kyiv School of meteorologists and climatologists, develops problems of agro-climatic zoning Ukraine, of radiation and thermal balance, of climate and microclimate in Kyiv, dry winds and snow in the territory of Ukraine.
The staff of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology did a considerable experimental and expeditionary work for study vaporization in different areas of Ukraine, microclimatic features ponds and irrigated areas, shelter forest belts in the south of Ukraine, microclimate of Kyiv and Kanev region.
The staff of the Department published textbook for practical training in meteorology, scetch about climate of Ukraine and its separate regions, metodical guidance for doing control tests in field of meteorology and climatology for external students.
Since May 2002 the Department is headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Sergei Snizhko, a graduate of the Department of Hydrology and Hydrochemistry.
Full of new ideas in research and teaching activities, the Department of Meteorology and Climatology entered the new millennium with the hope that its creative potential will be realized in national and international programs of research environment to achieve noble goals of environmental safety of our country.