Today, the Department is the leading Ukrainian educational and scientific institution on physical geography, landscape ecology, geographical principles of rational using nature.
The Department provides training specialists with educational level "Bachelor" and "Master" in the direction 040104 - "Geography" specialty 8.04010405 "Natural Geography" in two specializations: "Geoecology" and "International Environmental Cooperation". The Department has a postgraduate specialty 11.00.01 - Physical Geography, Geophysics and Geochemistry Landscape.
The teaching staff includes two professors, doctors of sciences, 6 associate professors and 3 assistants, candidates of sciences. In the training students take part the leading scientists from scientific institutions of Kyiv.
Over the past five years lecturers of the Department wrote and published the textbooks and manuals on basic normative courses "Landscape Science", "Methodology of Scientific Research ", "Eko-Geography of Ukraine", "Geographic Information Systems and Technology" and others.
The lecturers of the Department take active part in the implementation of scientific research on national and international projects and are awarded prestigious grants and awards.
In the structure of the Department is educational-scientific laboratory of ecology of the landscape. It is equipped with appliances leading foreign companies, allowing students to not only learn modern methods of analytical research in geoecology, and also widely use possibilities of laboratory for writing their master's researches and scientific articles.
Prof. M.Grodzynskiy is an expert on Ukraine in International program UNESCO "Man and Biosphere", a member of the International program "Society of Global Security " (United Kingdom - USA).
Assoc. Mikhaylenko V. takes part in the International project "Study of seasonal variations and volume of solid waste and according environmental indicators for optimizing management by treatment facilities", that is performed on the funds of at the National Science Foundation in Switzerland.
Assoc. D. Svidzinska manages the work of the Educational-Scientific Laboratory of Free Geospatial Software. The laboratory is a part of an international network that develops within the initiative "Geo for all" under the auspices of the International Cartographic Association, the Foundation of Free Geospatial Software OSGeo and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ISPRS.