Department of Physical Geography and Geomorphology was founded in 1949 as Department of Geomorphology at the initiative of the rector of the University of Kiev - geologist and geomorphologist Academician Vladimir Bondarchuk. In 2004 the Department was renamed the Department of Physical Geography and Geomorphology.
At the Department are trained specialists within the educational direction "Geography" with specialization "Geomorphology and Paleogeography" and "Geography of Soils."
From the first years of foundation at the Department launched a research work, that is aimed at the development of theoretical and applied problems of geomorphology and paleogeography.
At the Department are formed known in Ukraine and outside scientific schools: paleo-geomorphology, paleogeography, structural geomorphology, engineering geomorphology, ecologycal geomorphology.
In the structure of the Department is research laboratory Landscape Ecology and Aerospace Environmental Monitoring.
The lecturers of the Department cooperate with organizations and institutions of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resourses, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the State Committee for Land Resources, the State Geological Survey, National Space Agency, Institute of Geography, Institute of Geological Sciences, Institute of Architecture NAS of Ukraine and others.