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Hydroecology and hydrochemistry research laboratory implements its activities in further areas: accomplishment of fundamental and applied topics; providing consulting services and support of public and private projects; educational activities in areas related to surface water hydrology, water management, the study of channel processes on lowland and mountain rivers; hydroecological aspects of the evolution of water bodies; hydrochemical research; monitoring of hydrometeorological conditions of natural and urban areas as well as the analysis of extreme hydrological events (floods, droughts) and development of recommendations for further reduction of negative effects of these events. Research laboratory unites qualified specialists from different areas of hydrology and related complex of geographical and geophysical disciplines, which allows accomplishing a wide range of scientific problems.
 The main area of our research activities are:
  • Hydrological computations and forecasts;
  • Analysis of channel processes and hydromorphological assessment according to National and European approaches;
  • Assessment of sediment runoff;
  • Determination of the intensity of channel deformations and their quantitative assessment;
  • Analysis of hydrologic and climatic conditions of the territories;
  • The study of landscape features and underlying surface of watersheds;
  • Providing the hydrographic surveys, complex of field hydromorphological research;
  • Analysis of hydroecological conditions of water bodies;
  • Providing the hydrochemical research;
  • Implementation of comprehensive hydropower calculations;
  • Analysis and definition of basin components using GIS;
  • Development of recommendations for sustainable water management;
  • Development of integrated management of channel processes;
  • Study and risk management of extreme flood events;
  • Evaluation and modeling of hydrometeorological changes in river basins.