The Faculty of Geography of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is a leading educational-methodical and scientific center in Ukraine.

      Today, the Faculty of Geography has 8 departments, that train specialists from the separate specialties and specializations. Students learn on the following departments:

  1. Economic and Social Geography,
  2. Country Studies and Tourism,
  3. Geography of Ukraine,
  4. Physical Geography and Geoecology,
  5. Physical Geography and Geomorphology,
  6. Meteorology and Climatology,
  7. Hydrology and Hydro-Ecology,
  8. Geodesy and Cartography.

      Training is carried out according by the following educational levels: bachelor and master.

      The main directions, specialties and specializations of training:


  • Natural sciences (International environmental cooperation, Landscape ecology) 
  • Geomorphology and paleogeography (Soil Geography and Land Use)
  • Geography of recreation and tourism
  • Economic and Social Geography (Management of regional development,
    Development of productive forces and regional economy)
  • Political Geography and Geopolitics (Geographical country study)


  • Tourist sciences 

Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management 

  • Cartography
  • Land Management and Cadaster


  • Meteorology (Environmental and synoptic meteorology).
  • Hydrology and hydrochemistry (Hydro-ecology). 

      Students choose the desired profession with the first course. The basis for deep professional training of all students is the fundamental sciences: physical geography, economic and social geography, geology, geomorphology, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, soil science, biogeography, physical geography of continents and oceans, economic and social geography of foreign countries, landscape ecology, topography , cartography, geodesy, aerospace research methods, geoinformatics and others. In addition, students learn social and economic disciplines, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, psychology, pedagogy, logic and more. All students master modern computer programs. Much attention is paid to teaching foreign languages.

      All students receive academic and practical training on special bases in scenic areas of Ukraine (Kanev Nature Reserve, in the valley of Ros river (Bohuslav), in the Ukrainian Carpathians (on the top of rapid Black Tisa river).

      The Faculty of Geography maintains permanent relations with the following foreign universities: Jagiellonian (Poland), Debrecen (Hungary), Munich (Germany), faculties of geography in the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia and others.